testng-gui 0.1

2006/06/19 | Published in

Last week-end, I started to develop TestNG-GUI and wanted to evaluate Matisse GUI Builder with it. The internal code is crappy, but the application currently run against sample provide with test-ng 4.7.

See the following screenshots :

Screenshot-0 Screenshot-1

The application (v 0.1) and the sample can be downloaded at http://dwayneb.free.fr/download/

The application currently support only jdk15 and testng-jdk15. To run the application (under DOS or Unix): download [testng_gui-0.1.tar.gz|http://dwayneb.free.fr/download/testng-gui-0.1.tar.gz] and unarchive it (include testng) $>java -jar testng-gui-0.1/testng-gui.jar

I’ll try to convert the standalone application into a Netbeans module usable with java project.

I’ve got a TODO list, but any feedback’s are welcome.